Saturday, June 10, 2017

I just saw her...

I just saw her, or so I thought,

Her blonde hair out of the corner of my eye I caught,

She looked sad and that is what I never wanted for her,

She was so gorgeous though, as if she never were...

I think of her almost every single day,

Remembering the only thing she wanted was for her hair for me to play,

I could not be the man for her that I was inside,

So all of my deepest feelings from her I had to hide...

Other influences played a role in me letting her go,

Circus clowns really and they don't even know,

She was mine though, even if only for a short while,

I am sure she remembers how easy it was for me to make her smile...

I never knew pain like that of losing her to someone else who,

May have drawn her in, but to her could never be true,

She had me like no other, that is for real,

So in this blog with no names I express how I feel...

I listen to music, the type we both liked and then,

I think thoughts of what if this way or that it could have been,

Laugh now those idiots who are stuck in a rut,

Pathetic their lives, on the edge of loss doors are shut...

I knew I would see her but had no idea it would be this soon,

The sun had just set and there was a bright glow to the moon,

The store was packed and she did not see me at all,

I set outside for one more look upon the baby girl who made me fall...

Its all good really, this too shall pass,

Half full already, my own personal glass,

I know before I ever start playing the game again,

No one will ever get to me like her and all from now will be just a friend...

At night sometimes I can feel her leg across me,

I sleep so peacefully dreaming of how that will be,

She thinks of me, I know this for sure,

My loss a disease of which there is no cure...

The last photo I took, her wearing jeans so tight,

I knew then it was the last I would ever get that very night,

Funny how you know things about the future like that,

I sit there and look, on the bed where I had sat...

She needed more than I could have given then,

No need for regret, no help from the absolute in the end,

I was on my own with that loss and I will never forget,

How she was mine for a short while, that gift she had let...

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